We are MAG Arhitektura – an expanding company with international experience, reputation and excellence in the field of architectural and interior design. We dive into each project hoping to learn and expand our skillset, and as the end result provide you with high-quality 3D Visualization products. Fueled by our passion for what we do, we give it our all to bring your ideas to life. The pillar of our work culture has been making only promises we can keep and deliver them in all their glory exactly when you need them.

We are above all a team. We challenge each other. We push our limits and are in constant search for a new barrier to break.

Imagination, responsibility, passion. This is what we bring to the table.


Our architectural team is involved in all architectural project developments, blueprint production, as well as conceptual designs.


Our visualization team is involved in visual renderings, animation from preview to final photorealistic images.


We specialize in architectural and interior design, as well as delivering high quality 3D Visualization products. Established in 2007 in Novi Sad, an Eastern European city in the north of Serbia, our company consists of two sectors.

Our Technical-design and CGI sector covers the fields of architectural and interior design, and production of technical documentation from building permit plans to commercial plans. Those sectors are responsible for the final project presentation so that your ideas can be presented to your clients in the most realistic forms via photorealistic rendering, animations or a VR tour.
We make architectural stories through images in order for everyone to understand your idea with perfect clarity.

Meet Our Team
The MAG team is comprised of a young, creative and ambitious group of people from the fields of architecture, design and modeling.


Our goal is to offer high quality architectural support and development, with a professional staff working on a wide range of architectural designs, from concepts to final renderings and animations. Our objectives include:

  • Providing our clients with expertise and teamwork.
  • Continuing to learn, improve and mentor, and offer opportunities for our staff to develop their careers and broaden experiences.
  • Making commitments responsibly, always keeping our word.
  • Openly building a shared understanding of goals
  • Our work is our best recommendation.
  • Respecting project deadlines, which is of vital importance to us.