This year marks a special time for our colleagues Biljana, Stefan, and Jelena, because this year marks five years since they joined our MAG family. Each of them followed a different path, laced with uncertainties, challenges, ups and downs, eventually turning all of them into integral parts of MAG Arhitektura.


Biljana’s beginning was quite different from where she eventually ended up. She started her journey as a translator, and entered the world of architecture and architectural visualization as a complete newcomer, not knowing her modeling from her rendering. This new world proved to be quite interesting for Biljana and she dove right in it, ready to take on new challenges, demonstrating her strong will and dedication.

The next stepping stone for Biljana was the position of Client Manager, which brought with it a brand new list of responsibilities and tasks that required Biljana’s attention. She tackled any challenge heading her way with assertiveness and grace, always keeping the delicate balance between clients’ wishes and the teams’ time and availability. When she started working with our clients she took everything one step at a time, and before long she proved to be more than ready to handle all the meetings and communication on her own. She says that everything comes easily if you have a great team supporting you every step of the way!


The path our colleague Stefan chose is very inspirational to all of us here at MAG. When he first came to us, much like Biljana, he didn’t have any experience in the world of architecture and architectural visualization, but his desire to learn was unquestionable. Stefan was an abecedarian when he first started working for us – his first task was to learn about and become familiar with the programme ArchiCAD, and later on he moved on to the technical drawing. Five years ago, he was only a young man with a desire to learn, and today he is working on his own projects in the sector of architectural visualization.

His thirst for knowledge pushed him to work harder, often staying in the office all day just so he could practice his skills. Eventually, he became so good that he could train and guide other artists, and check the quality of their technical drawings. His greatest challenge came soon enough – he started learning 3ds Max, which required that he travel to another city for 3 months in order to finish the course. Once he finished the course, he says he faced his biggest challenge yet – proving that he is ready to tackle the challenge of architectural visualization.


Jelena began her career with MAG Arhitektura in technical drawing, but she was eager to expand her skill set, which led her to work two jobs for a month once she started working for us. One of her first and most important tasks was to restyle the house Vieille Toulouse we were working on at that moment, and she proved to be more than capable to carry out and complete any challenge coming her way. After this, she moved on to the position of Team Lead.

Jelena went a step further in her professional development and decided to start learning French. This proved to be a significant asset in her arsenal, considering that now she could work more closely with international clients, as well as with the upper management of our company. She saw a way to further expand her skill set, and jumped at the chance to further her personal and professional development. Her dedication and hard work are a true inspiration to us all.

The level of commitment, amount of hard work, and passion each of these people bring to the table day in and day out serve as a motivating force in our company, and it merits equal levels of admiration and respect we have for Biljana, Stefan, and Jelena.

Happy MAG Birthday to all of you our dear colleagues!