Architecture today is highly dependent on architectural visualization, or archviz as is better known. The reason for that is simple – it’s much easier to win over investors, developers, and eventually potential buyers if they can see the real estate in question. Over the years, artists and designers have developed new skills and, with the help of technology, are able to reach unbelievable levels of realism. 

Realism in Archviz: Part 1 and Part 2

Our brains interprets reality through images, which is why it’s much easier selling real estate when the buyer or investor can actually see the property before it even exists. With the right composition, and some clever use of light and shadows, it’s become fairly easy to trick the eye of the beholder. Read more about realism in archviz by clicking on the links in the title.

Great Talks about Photo Realism

Learn more about visualization from experts in the industry in Bogdan Sasu’s book Great Talks about Photo Realism. The book contains stories and experiences from 9 of the best visualization artists from all over the world, and it includes some additional material that would be quite interesting to both up-and-coming and experienced artists.

Myths of the Archviz World

Much like any other industry, archviz faces its own set of myths which give people a skewed view of the actual situation. However, now it’s time to debunk those myths and get to know the actual story.