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CGA Belgrade 2019

We need to constantly broaden our skill sets and keep up with upcoming trends, and one of the best places to do that is the CGA conference in Belgrade.

It’s always interesting to learn about the newest tricks of the trade, to mingle with like-minded people and have our opinions challenged.  We had the chance to hear about the core VFX Compositing, sound design, the difference between what education offers and what the industry demands, and much more.

The event not only exposed us to new ideas and changes in our industry, but it allowed us to have fun as well, by creating a space for various VR gaming experiences.


This year’s team building exercise was MAGnificent! Unlike last year, we had no idea where we were going, or what we would be doing during the retreat, until the moment we arrived.
It all started with a bike.
One of our newest team members, has made significant progress that hasn’t gone unnoticed with our clients. They praised her work every chance they got, which is why we decided to do something a little extra. Since we knew she walked to work every day, and that she had a long way to go, we got her a bicycle!
This gesture was a perfect stepping stone for the rest of the adventure. Through activities like paintball, orienteering, and a cooking and archery competition, we had the chance to get our adrenaline levels up, while learning how to come together as a team and face challenges together.
All in all, this year’s team building retreat is definitely going to stay fresh in our minds for a long time. Needless to say we are already looking forward to next year’s team building!

MIPIM 2019 – MAG at the world’s leading property market

This year’s MIPIM was a brand new experience for us. A larger team of people went to Cannes this time, so we had some first timers with us, and it was very interesting seeing how they experienced an event of this size.

The mere size of the venue and number of participants was enough to overwhelm anyone, but our team knew you could never be too prepared so they were ready to take on the challenge that is MIPIM.

The projects exhibited were breathtaking and quite inspiring; it’s always great seeing companies branching out and trying new things. Based on what we had the enormous pleasure to see, the future of architecture is looking quite bright and promising.


Salon du logement neuf Toulouse 2019

We spent one beautiful Friday at the amazing Salon du logement neuf Toulouse, and we are most definitely going to visit it again. It was especially interesting to mingle and talk to everyone in a more informal and relaxed setting at the evening get-together, while we all enjoyed some very tasty foods and beverages.

We are very excited for next year!



MAPIC 2018 – Discovering world retail property market

Cannes welcomed thousands of people from the retail industry in November 2018 for MAPIC – the annual retail architecture show. Visitors and exhibitors all over the world showcased their latest and future projects, displaying incredible, futuristic designs of shopping malls, centers and complexes.

This was a learning experience above all, since we had the opportunity to attend conferences and exchange opinions with industry leaders, which helped us better understand in which direction retail was developing.

It was a pleasure meeting up with current clients and associates, and hearing about what they have in store for the future. Between meetings we explored the show, and mingled with people from the industry, developing our international network of clients and collaborators.

Le Salon National de l’Immobilier in Paris and the Salon immobilier Grand Est in Strasbourg

Another month, another expo, however this time it’s two expos – one in Paris and one in Strasbourg. These ones were especially exciting since two of our designers went along, and had the chance to see their work on display. Having our designers at the two expos allowed us to introduce them to our clients and gave our clients a chance to personally give feedback directly to our designers. Information like that proved to be priceless to our designers, and the meeting helped narrow the gap between designers and clients.

Although we like to use the chance to make new connections, it’s always a pleasure meeting up with current clients face-to-face and having a genuine conversation with them.


Cityscape Global 2018 – Meet at the middle east

In September 2018, we had the chance to visit the great city of Dubai for Cityscape Global. There are very few words that could adequately describe the amount of hard work needed to make this event run as smoothly as it did. The designs of the stands reflected the companies’ cultures and were absolutely beautiful – from beachy waves on the floor of the stand, to garden-like designs with plants all over the walls.

What really took our breath away, however, were the incredibly detailed and life-like models of various buildings and complexes. The attention to detail is commendable, with every street light and headlight shining, and boat sailing. Quite impressive!

We’re definitely looking forward to next year!



After a great time we had on our first rafting adventure at one of the most beautiful Balkan mountains – Tara, we decided to make it our team building experience one more time. We can say that we absolutely made a good choice. Take a look at our photos and tell us what you think. Penny for your thoughts?

We made it through every rapid as a team, just like we do in our everyday job, while the unspoiled nature brought a new energy of creation into our team spirit. This team building activity allowed us to better understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests. We are learning new skills every step of the way – understanding, communication, and collaboration are the key ones that help make our MAG home a better place.


MIPIM 2018 – MAG at the world’s leading property market

One word – impressed! MIPIM 2018 impressed us with its size, organization, influence and possibilities. We can easily call it a city, built for a few days of networking, learning and exhibiting.

Everything that happens in the world of architecture and real estate has to be part of MIPIM. We had a great time exploring, building connections and discovering some new opportunities. It was a game-changing event for us, and we are definitely excited for next year!

PARIS – The city of virtual reality

Welcome to a Virtual World! Oh yes, we have. And the city of love became the city of virtual reality for a few days.

It was a real pleasure seeing the many different ways technology has developed and is being utilised currently. We develop VR solutions in order to show the world of real estate and architecture projects in reality. It was beyond exciting to see all the other ways of using VR in other industries, to feel innovation in the air, and exchange experiences with other creatives. The Virtuality Paris will be our stop next year, for sure.




For our team-building experience, we chose to spend our time together at a rafting camp on the river Tara, surrounded by beautiful landscapes located near a small town called Foča.

By bringing us closer and improving our team spirit, this adventure made way for new creative ideas to thrive.

SOA Academy Masterclass

One of our visualization team members attended a masterclass at the well-known academy State Of Art, in Italy.

With the knowledge he gained, his task was to engage in some knowledge-sharing, and improve our workflow by bringing new ideas to the table. We want our own improvement to directly influence our clients, not only ensuring their satisfaction but broadening their knowledge as well.



After 10 years of existence, we had the opportunity to celebrate our first decade with a memorable party. We were delighted to welcome our dear friends, respected business associates and clients whose help, trust, and belief in us helped pave the way on our ten-year journey.

Our enthusiasm and good mood are always an awesome reason to celebrate and stay awake until the early morning sunlight! Plus, you never know when or where a good idea might come up.