It is time for another round of MAG News, where the focus will be on upcoming trends in exterior design. Be it a combination of man-made and natural materials, or simply a detail which ties together the whole design, exteriors of the future look promising, exciting, and quite elegant.

The Terracotta Exterior

The all too famous color is once again making its presence, albeit in a more modern way. By changing the shape of the clay slabs, it was possible to use them as resilient rain screens, among other things. With a multitude of colorful enamel glazes to choose from, architects might have gotten a real ace up their sleeves for future designs.

The Timeless Black

Black homes and buildings have been around for years in many different parts of the world, but it still could not be said that they were common. However, based on information from social networks, the mainstream adoration of black homes has grown significantly in the past 5 years.

Pushing the Limits with Timber

With architects experimenting with timber exteriors, history is once again rendezvousing with the present. Timber is one of the first materials ever used for creating a home, a sanctuary, and it is making its way back into the spotlight.

The Steel Skeleton

There is always room for innovation and improvements, and sometimes that means turning everything upside down, or in this case – inside out. The asymmetrical obelisk in question here –  the Mark, a 48-story hotel and office tower – is one of the newest additions to the Seattle skyline.

Contrasting Colors

There is a reason why people say that opposites attract, and pictures of this amazing country house is proof enough. Using a darker color on lighter exteriors, and vice versa, is an excellent way to draw attention to certain details of a home, and to shape the general impression of a structure, as well.