For our newest edition of MAG News, we wanted to compile a list of inspirational articles and showcases, with the main theme being the forest. The architecture industry needs to always be mindful of its surroundings and the environment into which it plans to integrate buildings. Much like you need to keep in mind the style of the buildings around your new building, nature needs to get the same treatment. Below is a list of inspirational examples of architecture and the forest living in harmony

Camp Adventure tower in a Denmark forest

A great example of an imaginative design, which is both breathtakingly beautiful and an exciting feat of architectural design. It blends with its environment seamlessly, while at the same time stands as proof of what the human mind is capable of imagining.

London’s Silver Forest

Every megalopolis in the world is facing a similar problem – the increase of man-made structures mostly comprising of concrete, glass, and steel. Well, London has found a creative way to break the gray monotony taking over the city, starting with the western façade of Westminster City Hall.

The Parisian Urban Forests

While London turned to art, Paris decided to plant more trees at historical landmarks, in an effort to battle climate change. These urban forests, as they call them, will not only improve the air quality, but will enrich the concrete jungle with some much needed vegetation.

An Inside Forest

Research has shown time and again that simply spending some time in the forest, surrounded by trees and the sounds of nature has a significant beneficial effect on our mental health. So, if you can’t find the time to go to a forest… bring the forest to your home.

The Elegant Swedish Summer House

A summer house in the forest doesn’t necessarily need to be a typical wooden cabin. It can still be sleek and modern without it clashing with its environment.