New trends in architecture and design are already starting to make their way into our lives as we step into the new decade. Some trends are reminiscent of the olden days, while others are brand new, so no matter what your or your client’s preferences are you are bound to find something to help you design any kind of real estate your client needs. Welcome to the new era of architecture and design.

What the world needs from designers in the 2020s

Innovative thinking and problem solving are essential skills for designers in today’s day and age. As climate changes and overpopulation continue to threaten life as we know it, designers and architects are challenged to think outside the box and come up with more sustainable solutions.

Monochrome and sexy eco: interior design trends for 2020

As the world becomes more aware of the seriousness of overproduction, issues with waste reduction, and climate changes, people are demanding transparency from all companies. Upcycling has become a staple in most homes and offices in terms of furnishing and decorating spaces, and it seems like it’s here to stay. Eco friendly furniture and recyclable building materials are even being described as ‘sexy’. Peace and balance are the dominant requirements for interiors so it seems like the soft and tactile monochrome is here to stay. Furniture, on the other hand, is becoming more extravagant, so get ready for some plus-size pieces. Nevertheless, simplicity and a gentle rejection of the modern and smart for the vintage and analogue are expected to make their way into our homes and offices.

2020 Color Trends in Interior Design

A color palette can make or break a room, so let’s take a look at some interior design color trends for 2020. Unlike the previous decade where neon and day glow colors were dominant, 2020 is expected to be the year of more the quiet, muted colors. The classic white, minimalist walls are being traded for spaces with colorful statement walls that add a bit of flair to the room.

2020 Furniture Trends We Expect to See

Furniture trends are all over the place it seems, as vintage and antique pieces are mingling with postmodern and italian design, but with a common theme – sustainability and functionality. Barstools and more artsy furniture pieces are set to appear in offices as well as homes, bringing a bit of playful diversity.

4 new Lighting Design Trends as seen at the Milan Design Week

The right lighting can completely transform a room, so check out some lighting trends for 2020 to incorporate into your designs. Simple geometric shapes as well as colorful and frosted glass are only some of the trends expected to appear in the new year.