Luminous Textile – An unlikely alliance

When light and textile meet, we are given a contemporary installation which adds a rather unexpected dimension to an interior. Check out the link above, and learn more about this awesome innovation.

Circadian  Lighting

Manufacturers have been working on lighting that is more in tune with our circadian rhythm, and experts are now weighing in on whether or not the light has an impact.

The Art of Light

Art can take many shapes and forms, and when light is added to the equation, it complements the structure and adds a certain ineffable quality.

Origami Light Textile

Origami, although an ancient skill, is given a new purpose in the modern world. Contemporary, 3D printed, origami light fixtures are beautiful and innovative, and hopefully we will see more of them in the future.

Light that Brings People Together

Eindhoven became a home for a rather unique, canopy lighting concept, designed to help create gathering space in the atrium of Philips Lighting HQ