Through Architecture and Design to Employee Satisfaction

Physical space has proven to be a key factor when it comes to employee hiring, retention, and performance, which is why architecture plays a significant role here. Since the way people work and interact with each other in the workplace has been evolving, it’s only fitting that workplace architecture evolves as well.

Trends in Workplace Architecture and Design

These two pieces on trends in workplace architecture will definitely come in handy to anyone working with commercial real estate projects. They offer useful and creative insight into current and emerging trends which are shaping the landscape of workplace architecture and design, and are an excellent source of innovative ideas.

Unique Coworking Typologies

Although coworking spaces are not a new concept, they are becoming more and more popular as an increasing number of businesses are operating in the digital world. Architecture and design are essential in meeting the needs of communal work spaces and the people occupying it.

The New Vesture of Fire Exits

Fire exits are mandatory for every commercial real estate to have, so why not spruce them up a little? Here are several ideas about how to incorporate creative and unique fire exits into the overall design of a space.