Welcome to MAG News! We’re constantly tweaking our website and making changes that will resonate better with our audience, which is why we decided to recommend a few interesting news every two weeks. No, this won’t be our news (we flaunt our feathers on social media mostly) – this segment is dedicated to sharing industry news, interviews, and stories which we found interesting and want to share with you. You can expect a new post every two weeks, including 5 amusing and engaging texts that will help you be up to date with the ever-changing world of architecture. This is our choice for this week:

RIBA’s Nationwide Architecture Program Exposes Young Students to Thinking Like an Architect

Our first post starts with an article about RIBA’s architecture program for children in the UK. Students between the ages of 4 and 18 will have the opportunity to not only participate in various workshops and learn about the responsibilities of an architect but become familiar with proportions, scale, and perspective.

The Art of Rendering: A Day in the Light of Unbuilt Architecture

Following this article is an overview of the renders which were submitted for the A+Awards this year. The author touches on the role of visualization and renders in architecture, and provides a description of each project, focusing on the way artists used lighting to depict various points of the day. You can see the full list of this year’s winners here.

Living Breathing Walls

2018 World Building of the Year award

Archello and Bustler bring us our next recommendation – from Archello, a collection of images showing interior walls adorned with lush greenery, and from Bustler a text focusing on the winner of the 2018 World Building of the Year award, which is also a member of the Green building club. The now popular trend of mixing flora and architecture could quite possibly become the future standard of architecture and construction.

Flexible 3-D-printed cement stretches the possibilities of concrete

Our last must-read describes the newly developed 3-D-printed cement paste – an innovation which is sure to affect the future of construction. Unlike regular cement which became brittle and would crack when pressure is applied, the paste gains strength, providing a safer material for building.