It’s time for another edition of MAG News, and today’s topic is interior design.

History often repeats itself, and old trends tend to be reinvented and adapted to the new generation of homeowners, so be prepared to see some familiar styles make a comeback.

Vibrant Colors

Vibrant colors are definitely making a comeback this year, and they are effortlessly blending into the overarching minimalist trend that has dominated the industry for years.
Pantone’s color of the year is called Living Coral, a mellow yet vibrant and warm color, while the color of the year in the interior design industry proved to be a color dubbed Nightwatch green. This dark and rich green works wonderfully in large, open spaces, but it can easily be incorporated into smaller rooms by having it be part of the furniture, various ornaments, and statement pieces.

Ornate Walls

The age of dozens of picture frames covering one wall is taking a step back, and ornate walls are stepping into the spotlight this year.
A statement wall is an excellent way to show your personality, and can serve as the cornerstone of your overall interior design theme. Far from it that ornate walls haven’t been popular in the past, but nowadays there are a lot more experiments with different materials, textures, and colors, and it’s very exciting to see what the future holds.


People have always had a special relationship with nature, so it’s no surprise that nature finds its way into our homes time and again.
The soothing effect of nature on people is suspected to be due to fractals – patterns derived from repeating shapes that are reduced in size every time they are repeated – and considering the hectic world we live in today it’s no wonder more and more people are trying to incorporate nature into their homes in any shape or form; whether that be by introducing more live plants into their homes, or by opting for natural materials in their interior design.

Curvy Furniture

Sharp, clean lines haven’t disappeared completely just yet, but the incorporation of curved furniture is gaining more momentum. Tagging along are softer materials such as velvet, which adds to the overall feeling of calmness and even adds a pinch of whimsy. Adding a curved piece of furniture can help balance out the sharpness of the minimalist trend, and at the same time can act as a statement piece that anchors the whole design of the room.

Materials of the Now

Concrete is making its way into our kitchens and bathrooms, along with matte black metal faucets, door handles, and ornaments, prolonging the industrialist style trend. This, paired with various textiles, especially velvet, creates a cozy and modern sanctuary. The growing popularity of bio resins and hybrid materials means that they are a long way away from being pale imitations of natural materials.