The World Expo has always been an event where innovation can thrive and revolutionary ideas can shine and be spread across cultures and nations. It’s a chance for countries around the world to showcase their technological progress, but the expo also acts as the biggest stage for architectural innovations. The Dubai Expo 2020 has a main theme for the whole expo and it’s  “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, but there are also three sub themes – Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability. All ideas and innovations which will be presented at the expo are rooted in these concepts.

The Dubai Expo 2020 is an enormous event, additions and changes are constantly being made, so it is virtually impossible to sum up the whole event in one news segment. Instead we picked and chose the (currently) most interesting things you can expect to see at the Dubai Expo 2020.

The Pavillions

There is going to be a total of 192 pavillions at the Dubai Expo next year, each uniquely connected to their respective sub themes and rooted in the culture of the country to which it belongs. The article shows only some of the pavillions planned for Dubai Expo, but it will nevertheless leave you breathless. The architectural innovations are exceptional, both aesthetically and technologically, and are a step in the right direction, towards a more sustainable future.

Dubai 1 Year to Go

Dubai is calling the 2020 Expo the World’s Greatest Show, and for good reason. The event itself will last six months, an entire new city will be built for the expo, and hundreds of thousands of people will work on and visit the event site. Although the expo is still about a year away, warm-up festivities have already started. From concerts to exhibitions, Dubai is going all out.


The range of innovations and ideas which are going to be presented at the expo is almost inexplicable, but one thing that did stand out during our research is how much focus is being put on accessibility across the board. Architects aimed to design highly accessible spaces, and other solutions, which can easily be implemented in our daily life, but check out the link in the title for a more detailed account.

The Food

With 192 countries participating in the expo, it is bound to be a cornucopia of all kinds of different foods and beverages. Traditional dishes and drinks can be found all over the site, and you better believe there will be plenty of innovation there as well.

The Legacy

Much like with Olympic stadiums and villages, one huge question hovers over the head of the World Expo host city – what comes after the end?

Being a World Expo host is a significant investment in your country’s future and there are a lot of expectations. Check out the article by clicking the link in the title and learn more about the math behind and after the expo.