XR, the umbrella term for technologies used for merging the real world with an artificial one, is changing the way we design as well as present our creations. Augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) are the technologies we have developed so far, and they are only getting better and better with time.

Hopefully, the articles below will provide you with an answer to the question in the title and broaden your horizons.

New Ways of Working

Learn more about the possibilities and importance of XR in design and architecture through an interview with Kerenza Harris and Alessio Grancini, who work in the Advanced Technology team at Morphosis. They discuss their background, current projects, as well as design technologies and their impact on architecture, planning, design, and even construction.

Merging the Past and the Present

Structures of the past carry special meaning and become landmarks for their communities, which is why they should get the care that they deserve. As you can see from the examples in the article, rendering allows us to seamlessly merge the past and the present, and create a new reality.

Real-Time Tech for Better Design

Complex structures, such as factories and hospitals, need to be above all efficient and safe, but that can only come with sufficient feedback from their occupants. This is where XR and real-time tech step in and allow architects and engineers to create a virtual world which actual doctors or factory workers, wearing VR headsets, can enter and identify problems. Check out the article for more examples of the possibilities of XR and real-time tech.

5G – the road to better immersive experiences

One of the main issues of XR is its availability, since it requires a serious infrastructure which isn’t readily available to the public. However, times are changing and looking up. As 5G is slowly but surely replacing its predecessor, new opportunities are arising for retailers and consumers, as well as architects, designers, engineers and many more.

The future of XR

While the previous articles focus mainly on how XR can help us now, here you can learn more about the next steps in the development process of immersive technologies. Read more about what is yet to be implemented and what are the future possibilities of XR by clicking the link in the title above.