In the past, architects had to present their projects to clients using drawings and physical hand-made models. It required a lot of time and precision. The digital age made all that easier and also more impactful. 3D modeling became an important and irreplaceable tool for presentation in the architecture and design industry. 3D artists can make realistic attractive images of projects that leave a big impression, in less time and with less stress. Today, even more important is the role of 3D artists in visualizing the future of architecture and real estate.

The differences between 3D artists and architects

Probably the biggest difference between the two is that architecture has been around for a long time, and 3D artists come from the modern age of computers. Check out Easyrender to see 6 more differences between 3D artists and architects.

What does a 3D artist do?

You always wanted to know what a 3D artist does? Maybe you want to become a 3D artist yourself? Check out this article that gives you all the answers you needed about what 3D artists do, what skills you need to become one and how it’s like when you are one.

Stay up to date with all that is 3D artist-related

Check out this portal and community of artists that has the latest news and newest trends. This is a place where many artists showcase their work, share their process, post interesting articles about innovations in this industry and new tools, and also a place for 3D artists to connect and learn from each other.

Discover the main types of 3D rendering

Virtual tours, 3D animations, CG Panoramas and other types of 3D rendering are all perfectly explained in this article. Find out what the differences are in these important tools for 3D artists.

Best rendering softwares for architects

Check out this list of 9 best rendering softwares that help architects check their projects for structural and design flaws and makes the work more efficient and more conveniente. See the pros and cons for each software and make the best decision that will help you in your future projects.